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Reftec has recently been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).  Our products are being utilized in the cruise industry, naval applications as well as onboard tankers and freight liners.  Please contact us for your ocean going vessel HVAC needs. 


"We have experienced great results from the products we purchased from Reftec International, including the “Allvac” Recovery Unit and the “Minipurge” Portable Purge Unit! I have and will continue to refer others to Reftec. They offer a superior product, at a fair price, and back it with excellent customer support!"

Jeff Carver, President
Summit Refrigerants, Houston Texas

Refrigerant Recovery

Refrigerant Recovery Systems: Oil-less Recovery Units, Commercial Recovery units

  • 6 Models Service Most Cooling Applications
  • Rapidly transfer hundreds or thousands of pounds of refrigerant
  • Service high or low pressure chillers
Mercer, 405- 470-5222
Model Refrigerant Vapor
Direct Liquid
HandiVac R22 0.62 7.80 25
Lite Evac R22 2.14 n/a 81
Evac Commercial R22 6.0 n/a 325
Allvac R22 6.0 n/a 325
Lovac R11 0.66 n/a 100
Cheetah R123 .91 n/a 123

All recovery rates are certified through testing at AHRI official test centers


  • Dual 0.75-hp oil-less compressors
  • Services high pressure refrigerants

Twice the recovery capacity of typical oil-less recovery units.


  • Portable 110V recovery for commercial applications
  • 4 heavy duty casters for ease of mobility
  • Highest recovery capacity of any 110V unit

EVAC Commercial

  • 3-hp open drive compressor
  • All high pressure refrigerants

Blazing recovery rates to service chillers and other large cooling systems


  • Universal recovery of low (R123) and high (R22) pressure refrigerants.


  • 2-hp open drive compressor
  • Recovers R11, R123, R113
  • For all sizes of low pressure chillers

Lightweight, easy to use, high tolerance for noncondensible gases


  • Integrated with 10.6 CFM Welch vacuum pump
  • Recovers R11, R123, R113, R245fa and other low/medium pressure refrigerants
  • For all sizes of low pressure chillers

Fastest recovery rates of low/medium pressure gases on the market

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Allvac Universal Refrigerant Recovery Unit
Universal refrigerant recovery unit for use with low (R123,R11) and high (R22,R134,R410a) pressure refrigerants.
Evac Commercial HP Refrigerant Recovery Machine
3-hp open drive compressor. All high pressure refrigerants. Blazing recovery rates to service chillers and other large cooling systems.
Evac/ASME Refrigerant Recovery and Storage System
High Speed, High Efficiency Recovery and storage of all High Pressure Refrigerants
Lovac Low Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Unit
2-hp open drive compressor. Recovers R11, R123, R113. For all sizes of low pressure chillers. Lightweight, easy to use, high tolerance for noncondensible gases
Lite Evac HP Refrigerant Recovery Equipment
Introducing the latest 110V commercial recovery unit from RefTec. The Lite Evac is the fastest unit of it's kind available. Capable of recovering most high pressure refrigerants including R410a.
Oil Recovery
Portable Chiller Oil Recovery Unit: Chiller oil recovery and recharge system designed to remove old oil from the refrigerant and replace it with new oil to the chiller compressor.
Refrigerant Liquid Pump
The Refrigerant Liquid Pump is a commercial / industrial grade pump used to transfer all class I, II, III, and IV refrigerant at rates up to 20GPM.
Handivac Light Commercial Recovery Unit
Dual 0.75-hp oil-less compressors. Services high pressure refrigerants. Twice the recovery capacity of typical oil-less recovery units.
Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery
The new Cheetah low and medium pressure recovery unit is the fastest recovery with R11, R123, R245fa and the new HFO refrigerants being introduced into the market.
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