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Reftec has recently been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).  Our products are being utilized in the cruise industry, naval applications as well as onboard tankers and freight liners.  Please contact us for your ocean going vessel HVAC needs. 


"We have experienced great results from the products we purchased from Reftec International, including the “Allvac” Recovery Unit and the “Minipurge” Portable Purge Unit! I have and will continue to refer others to Reftec. They offer a superior product, at a fair price, and back it with excellent customer support!"

Jeff Carver, President
Summit Refrigerants, Houston Texas

Refrigerant Reclaim Systems


Reclaim and Recycle Systems

Cleans Gas in Excess of 600 Pounds per Hour

Fastest Recycle and Reclaim Speeds Available



Process Contaminated Gas In-House and Maximize Your Profits



  • BullDog designed in 3 sizes to best match your needs
  • Processes R22, R134a, R410a, R11, R12 and other common refrigerants with the same unit
  • Maximize your profits of your recovered gas
  • Zero cross contamination of compressor oil to gas
  • Precessing your gas at speeds in excess of 600 lbs / Hr
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-Duty construction to provide years of profit making service
  • Full unit enclosure standard on all models
  • Pressure relief’s and safety’s to meet all AHRI standards
  • Portable design fits through standard 36” doorways
  • 80% tank full float switch and 12’ float cable ensures your cylinders are not being overfilled
  • Convenient bottom drain connection allows for measurable removal of oil
  • Flare connections to fit existing hoses on most jobsites
  • Available in 230V/60Hz/3Ph or 460V/60Hz/3Ph models
  • Single power source for unit and controls
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      Desiccant Bed
      Desiccant Bed for Moisture Removal
      5 Ton Sub-Cooler for use with the BullDog System or other Reftec Recovery Units
      BullDog I: 5Hp Reclaim/Recycle System
      BullDog I 5Hp Reclaim/Recycle System Cleans Gas at 200lbs / Hr
      BullDog I
      BullDog II:10Hp Reclaim/Recycle System
      BullDog II 10Hp Reclaim/Recycle System Cleans Gas at 400lbs / hr
      BullDog II
      BullDog III:15Hp Reclaim/Recycle System
      BullDog III:15Hp Reclaim/Recycle System Cleans Gas at 600lbs / Hr
      BullDog III
      Enviropurge HP
      Portable or permanent high speed purge unit. Custom purge system designed for large process chillers. Configurations available for in door or out of door location as well as aggressive environments such as chlorine processing plants.
      Portable high speed purge unit. The only universal unit that services both high & low pressure refrigerants. Service on-line chillers or storage tanks.
      Shark Recovery and Recycling System
      The Shark Recovery and Recycling System is the only unit in the world certified by AHRI to clean gas back to ARI 700 standards in a single pass. Will handle R22, R134a, R410a and others.
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