Product Categories

"Ref Tec International is the only company in our industry that is making a real effort to service the industrial side of refrigerant recovery. Their products are solid and built with long life and durability as the design focus.

Rick Roland, Engineer, Certified Refrigerant Services Inc.

Below are the guide specs and brochures for our products.  Please contact our sales department to recieve any of our Product Operation Manuals by email. 

Handivac (RTO)

Mityvac (MRH)

Lite Evac (LRH)

Evac (CRH)

Lovac (CRL)

Cheetah (CLP)

Allvac (ARH)

Mityvac w/ ASME (MRH-ASME)

Lite Evac w/ ASME (LRH-ASME)

Lovac w/ ASME (CRL-ASME)


Refrigerant Liquid Pump (RLP)

Enviropurge (EMS)

Minipurge (MPS)

Enviropurge HP (EHP)


Hyperwatt (HPS)

Oil Recovery (ORR/POD)

Shark Recovery and Recycling (SHARK)


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