Refrigerant Reclaim Systems
Refrigerant Reclaim and Recycle Systems capable of cleaning non-mixed refrigerant to ARI 700 standards
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Reftec has recently been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).  Our products are being utilized in the cruise industry, naval applications as well as onboard tankers and freight liners.  Please contact us for your ocean going vessel HVAC needs. 


“As a service provider in the HVAC and Commercial Recovery Recycling Equipment repair industry for over 19 years, we realize the value of quality designed and well built equipment. Time is money and most recovery recycling equipment is built with the smaller systems in mind, primarily having portability be the prerequisite to build. Reftec has always been ahead of the curve with equipment designs that almost double the recovery rates of competitive units of there class with very little sacrifice in weight. A few pounds in weight is well worth the hours saved on a rooftop or chiller job.”

Sincerely, David Loika, Century Tool & Equipment

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Shark Recovery and Recycling System
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Shark Recovery and Recycling System
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The Shark is the first unit to gain AHRI certification for cleaning dirty R134a back to ARI 700 standard reclaimed gas in a single pass. The Shark can clean R22, R410a and other gases just as well.  Utilizing a rugged open drive compressor, easily serviceable desiccant tubes and an oversized condensing fan, The Shark quickly removes, oil, acids, moisture and hard particulates from even the dirtiest of gases.  Used in conjunction with RefTec’s MiniPurge System, the gas produced meets AHRI’s standards for non condensables as well. 

R134a Rates
Direct Liquid:               5.34lbs/min (2.42kgs/min)
Vapor:                         2.89lbs/min (1.31kgs/min)
Recycle:                      2.03lbs/min (.92kgs/min)
Connections:               ½”MFL
Dimensions:                54” x 30” x 70”    
Weight:                       541lbs         
Float Connection:         3-Pin BH
Low Pressure Switch:   10”Hg
Certifications:  Certified by AHRI 740, ETL, UL-1963

1 48 Cu Inch Standard Drier Core
1 48 Cu Inch Pleated Element Core
2 Spare Oil Separator Filters
1 25ft power cord (bare end)
20lbs   Sieve Desiccant (8x12 Mesh)

Ordering Info:
SHARK-230      RECOVERY/RECYCLE UNIT  230V, 60Hz, 1Ph, 3Hp, 30A
MPS-115         MINIPURGE UNIT                115V, 60Hz, 1Ph, .5Hp, 15A

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